Association Management

Randall Berg has more than twenty-six successful years as a Community Association Manager.  In July of 1986, with the purchase of an existing but troubled management company, Randall Berg & Associates was formed. During the past twenty-four years we have built our growth and reputation on professionalism and problem solving. Our continued growth and profitability has occurred due to our knowledge of and commitment to sound management practices.  

Although your association's board will work primarily with Randall Berg, our company has a full time support staff whose responsibilities include: financial record keeping; building repair and maintenance; and overall day-to-day management of your association.

Professional Community Association Managers all provide the same services.  It is the commitment to excellence of these services which sets the top managers apart from the rest.  Randall Berg & Associates has a proven track record of prudent fiscal management, practical maintenance and repair, thorough follow-up and overall client satisfaction.

Our company possesses the resources to properly and professionally handle all aspects of building repair and maintenance.  We have successfully maintained, repaired and replaced all components of a condominium building.  We have successfully researched and resolved the plague of the northwest, water leaks and structural rot.  Our experience also includes successful resolution of problems between homeowner associations and developers and insurance companies.
Randall Berg & Associates has a simple business philosophy: Provide a service second to none at a fair and reasonable price and your satisfied customers will spread the word of their good fortune far and wide.  

We take great pride in the services we provide to the people who trust us with a very important aspect of their lives.  We will not breach this trust.  You and your association will receive the very best we have to offer.  

Please call, write or email Randall Berg to set an appointment to discuss the needs of your association and how we will successfully address these needs.

Thank you for your interest in our company.